What comes to your mind when you think of a RAINBOW?

A rainbow appears in the sky after the rain. Same is with your happiness. Happiness will show up after your span of grief and worry. You just have to patiently wait. Not trying to be a philosopher or anything. Lol. Just saying that one must never give up.

As this is my first post, I really don’t expect you to know me. But I have been through a lot in my life. But I never gave up.

Once, when I was in my 9th grade, my best friend’s Mom committed suicide. She gave up. She could have lived. She could have lived a little more for her daughter. But she gave up. I agree that life is not fair. And that life is cruel and unbearably painful but after all the sadness, a bright day will come. Your rainbow will appear.

That friend of mine is now earning on her own. She could have given up. She could have killed herself too but she stood straight and confident. I admire her. I really do.

When I look at a rainbow, I feel liberated. And I wonder just like how the rays of the white light of the sun pass through those tiny little water drops, acting like a prism and how they split out into 9 different colours.

Just as how God or how the nature made us. He moulded us into humans. But every human comes out as a different individual. Lesbian / gay / bisexual / transgender . These are parts of the rainbow. Just as how heterosexuals are a part of the community, homosexuals are part of the community too. Humans are humans, after all. It is not about who believes and supports this but it is about plain humanity which is very easy to practice.

Some people tend to think that lgbt community is totally nonsense because they ‘practice’ something unnatural and against the religion. It is not unnatural. Such people are born this way. They cannot help it. It is not a trait that is just acquired along the way.

So, let us finish this post with the Queen’s quote.

I hope you like this post. And I will try to post more interesting things following this. Have a great day. xD

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