Relationships and Failures

We have all been there. We have all done that. We have all gotten our hearts broken. It is a process. It is a process every person (fortunate or unfortunate) has to undergo to get to know a major part of oneself. Yes. Many of us, in some corner of our hearts, know that it is true. A heartbreak not only brings pain but also maturity. It might have made some of us cynical and some of us really eager to find our perfect companion. But the bottom line being, it helped.

No matter what your story was, you know you have moved on. And if you haven’t, you know you will. One day, you will walk the same roads, you will dine at the same place, you will go to the same book store and you won’t feel a thing. No trace of nostalgia. That is when, you will know that you are ready for your journey ahead.

Relationships are a part of one’s life and one should be careful enough to not mistake it as the whole purpose of their life. Because the latter comes with its own repercussions. You will lose your identity when the person is gone. And starting from there, would be too hard.

We might have cheated on our partners and as the karma works, we might have been cheated. We might have had our dreams shattered. We might have gotten our dependency revoked. But all that matters in the end is, you are free.

You need not go out there to find your perfect companion. Live your life and complete the journey, your partner may join along. Or maybe you are designed to be alone. And enjoying one’s own company is an art to be mastered. If you are good at that and need no one else to make you feel better, you are far ahead of the time. Cheers!!

Be proud of your failure. 


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