10 things only clumsy people will understand

We have all been the centre of attention one day or the other. We have all been embarrassed by some of the things we had said in the past or for the things that had happened to us. But some of us, even though we are in our twenties or thirties can’t help but feel embarrassed about how we ran into walls or how we tripped on a coke can in the corner of the room. Yes. If you are one of them, then I feel your pain. If you are not, then maybe you are one of those people who make fun of people like us. That’s okay. Here are some of the things that most people who are clumsy will totally relate themselves with and those who are not will never really understand. 




  • : moving or doing things in a veryawkward way and tending to drop orbreak things
  1. The struggle with the shoe laces You always check your shoe laces thrice before you leave your home. Because it is essential to lessen the chances of your accidents. You also slip the rest of the lace inside your shoe so that if you fall, it is not going to be your fault (not entirely, atleast).
  2. Seminars and speeches Stage fright is one thing where people are just nervous to be the one standing in front of hundreds of people and speaking clearly. Stage fright due to extreme level of clumsiness is another where you are so scared and anxious to just reach upto the stage safely as everybody else is watching you. You start imagining about the things that can go wrong in that journey from the place you are at to the stage, like tripping over the wire of the microphone or tripping while climbing the TWO damn stairs to the stage.
  3. First-aid kit You always have your first-aid kit with you because you know that the universe is all against you and wants you to touch the ground anytime of the day.
  4. Rub it off Sometimes, you get so used to tripping and falling that you just get up, rub it off and walk away. Because you realise that there are more important things in life than the monotony of you kissing the dust. Bruises don’t matter anymore! Woohoo! *cries in the corner over the pinky toe injury*
  5. Blame Game You always have a reason for your fall and those reasons never make any sense. Like – “Who placed a dumpster at the corner of this street? Do they not know that people walk around here?”
  6. I am cute! At times, you just use your cute innocent face to attract your loved one while you are a mess lying on the floor.
  7. Wild imaginations You can go from “It will be alright.” to “Oh My God. There is a dog coming towards me. I am gonna trip over nothing and fall over the dog. He is going to bite me and I am going to be lying there as vicious vultures prey on me.” in seconds.
  8. Anxiety You are always anxious. You worry about little things like carrying a cup of coffee for someone else. 
  9. Destiny hates us Clumsy people like us (including me) believe that maybe destiny hates us. Why would something that loves us want us to have a bleeding lip, all the time?
  10. Stay low Walking on the street, with your shades on, chewing on a gum with your earphones in. Your face reflects the glory of your badass attitude and the next moment, you are on the floor, looking from side to side to see if anyone was watching.

Do comment below if you relate to any one of these. I would love to know that I am not the only one. Haha. Thank you so much for reading. Hope you had fun. 


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