Book Review of Sushi For Beginners [[ SPOILER ALERT ]]

First, of all, this book is a complete package. It is full of jokes and amazing twists that I highly recommend this book to everyone. Marian Keyes has perfectly timed every scene in the book, one after another. Usually, I take time to give into a book and get lost in the trance, just sifting through the pages, without being able to put the book down. But this book took no time. It had that kind of effect on me from the 18th page on, to be exact.

The book is perfectly written with its perfectly crafted characters. Based upon three powerful female characters, each very different, every character has a story and it was amazing to get to know them more. 

Lisa, a career-oriented workaholic who has no time for her family and friends. 

Clodagh, a housewife with two children yearning for freedom.

Ashling (my absolute favorite character), an organised, simple, charming character with no waist, being the centre of the plot. The whole book revolved around her story. 

I had so many ships throughout the book but ultimately, the best ones ended up together. Another favorite character of mine was the homeless guy named Boo, high-spirited, keen and a heart touching lovely character. I was so happy when finally, he got to live a good life. 

The twist towards the end produced by Marian Keyes was mind-numbing. I had always thought it was Ted who was knobbing up Clodagh. I was so sure that when the revelation was made I was shocked to the core. I had to close the book and exhale a little bit to actually take the surprise in. 

Also, the book speaks about the importance of family and it reflects the raw reality of most of our lives. Many of us move on with our lives, forgetting our families, the parents who brought us up to who we are, neglecting them, misunderstanding them and yelling at them over trivial things that don’t even matter.

The best part was the amazing character development for Lisa Edwards. I despised her so much at the start and didn’t even realise when the affection for the character crawled in. And also, Jack Devine.

I think most of us can agree to the fact that adultery and cheating are foul acts to be done and no explanations given can make the act justifiable and easy. Clodagh, the least liked character (in my list), when cheated on Dylan with Marcus and started to provide a whole lot of explanations as to what and why she had done the things she did to him and Ashling was horrendous and it made me hate her character, even more. To add to that, the scene where Craig walks in on Marcus and Clodagh doing it, made me cringe literally and all I could think was – “Gaah. That’s got to leave a mark.” 

Overall, I loved the book a LOT. I rate it 4.5 stars. 🙂


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