Is it okay for a thinker to despise a feeler?

The Thinkers versus the Feelers. There has been a good amount of discussion over this, I guess? Like who is better? Who can survive the worst case scenario? Who will take this world to the stage of world domination and kill the puny humans only to let the animals survive and be the King who watches over them? I am just kidding about the last one. Haha. Maybe.

Feelers and thinkers are like the two poles of a magnet. They are necessary for each other. Consider one as an anion and the other one as cation. No. Chuck that. I am bad at chemistry. Haha. Let’s call one as Hermione Granger and the other one as Ron Weasley and Harry needed them both just as this world needs them both. But sometimes, a thinker might despise a feeler and why is that? Here are 5 reasons why :

  • Feelers KNOW how to express

Most of us, us being the thinkers, suck at expressing what we feel. Actually, we are pretty good at writing them out (after the moment has passed and after we have processed our emotions in our highly-equipped-sometimes-useless-and-annoying brains.) but it is so tough to express them in words while talking. We are partly jealous of the Fs for being able to convey so eloquently and easily. And we are partly overwhelmed by listening to their sack of emotions which they put forth.And for us, anything overwhelming makes us feel hatred.

  • Feelers make you feel like you are a piece of rock (you expected me to say a piece of shit? Well, aren’t you disappointed? Ha! )

They have so much emotion trapped inside them that everytime they let them out, it is like a wave washing over us. On the other hand, when we let our emotions out, it is mostly “I am okay.” or “Fuck it.” 

  • Over think vs Over Feel

    Sometimes, when we come across an introvert feeler who is sensitive, caring and really loving, us thinkers tend to admire that quality. Because they are so similar yet so different from us. The problem arises when they let us see their real emotions which is a lot for us. And in case of introverts, we tend to close up once we feel unsafe and burdened. So, the point comes when the thinker lets it out to the feeler that they are being too sensitive and that they should dial it down a little. That is the point where the feeler feels outraged and we tend to back ourselves off. We are declared insensitive and mean.It is actually a story with two sides.

    • Solutions and Consolations

    Whenever someone comes to us with a problem, we give them an advice based on what would be the best solution for the problem they are facing whereas the feelers act like a helping shoulder to them. They have the patience to listen to their problems. They say nothing but yet they are rewarded with trust. Somehow, feelers have the ability to absorb other people’s sorrows. Empathy. They call it. This doesn’t exactly make us despise the feelers but it makes us think that how can someone actually feel okay about not having a solution to their problems and still feel relieved!!

    • We are punching bags to them?

    No offence but some feelers think that we actually cannot feel anything AT ALL and they tend to punch us over this. They tell us constantly how we need to open up and how we need to let other people know what we are feeling. And when we do, they mock us by saying “Stop kidding yourself. Did you watch a romantic movie or something? This is not you speaking. You are not the one to talk about how you feel when you make other people feel miserable.” It is like Hey!!

    So, that’s about it. I hope you were able to relate to atleast one of them (if you are a T) and for Fs, no offence at all. This post is totally meant for fun and also, a little bit of reality (lots of reality). Have a great day. Remember, there is always two sides to a story. ๐Ÿ™‚

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