Types of Fangirls – A fun analysis

So, we all know that fangirls are different from other beings walking on this planet. Fangirls are deep thinkers with an ability to feel deeply as well. Fangirls can read between your lines, in fact, they can tell what you are thinking. (You never know.) Fangirls are superheroes with demigod’s blood, powers of The High Lady of Night court, magic of the greatest witches and wizards. Fangirls live a thousand lives at once. They are superior to humans. Some call them alien beings. Some call them crazy. Here are different types of fangirls for the general term which has been stereotyped and generalised often (discriminated even) : 


Now, when these fangirls meet another fangirl or a fanboy or just a human being who is remotely related to the fandom, they CAN’T CONTROL THEIR FRENZY. THEY TYPE IN CAPS AND FREAK THE HELL OUT OF THE PERSON TALKING TO THEM, MAKING THEM RE-CONSIDER TALKING AGAIN.

  • The angry fangirl

    Now, this kind of fangirl is someone who gets offended and cannot take a joke about their fandom. If you insult their fandom, you are DEAD.

    • The fangirl who keeps making references even though people don’t get it

    There is always one person who makes jokes no body ever gets. Like –


    Others : “huh?”

    • The chill fangirl 

    These fangirls are not that rare as one might think of. They are calm and composed even though they are dying inside. They might be having a “I CAN’T EVEN -” or “SO MANY FEELS!” moment but you will never know. They are lethal.

    • The fangirl who reads fanfiction

    Now, this is a whole different level of fangirling. Here, the fangirl is stuck in a position where she cannot get over that book and can have or devour anything closely related to the book. Any writing or anything!!! She will read stories written by other fans and fantasise over them and will happily live in the same world as long as she wants. Don’t try questioning them or doubt their abilities. They KNOW A LOT.

    • The stalker fangirl

    Such fangirls are so very common. They stalk their favorite character’s or celebrity’s or singer’s photos and drool over them. Their pinterest board will be full of them. They won’t STOP. EVER. They follow them on every social media and have their life in their fingertips. 

    • The merch collector

    These fangirls have their walls filled with their fandom posters and a room full of fandom merchandise. Their greed is unsatiable. Their amazon wishlist is full of fandom merch.

    Fangirls are not crazy, even though they may sound like. We are all normal beings. Just different. 

    Lol. See you guys soon with more content. Tata. ❤

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