The Dark Side

Quoting from the words of one of the greatest wizards of all time, this world isn’t split into death eaters and good people, it is the part that we choose to act upon.

Every one of us essentially contain a good side and a bad side. And I am not talking about the mistakes we make. I am talking about the decisions we take with absolute mind and intention.

If one makes a decision and it is harming another but actually makes the former happy, it is a good decision for the former but a terrible and selfish deed for the latter.

It all comes down to selfishness.

You cannot expect someone to make a decision that favors you because that is selfish on your part. You can only control your own life and no one else’s.

If the person you love or want to be around, does not feel happy or good around you, and they decide to stay away, it is a selfish decision and a decision that deserves respect and nothing else.

You may call them rude, heartless and all the names you want but it was a decision they made for themselves and you have no right to question it. They need not even have to give you an explanation.

It might make them look like an insensitive jerk but if you look closely, it is justified.

The light that is inside you cannot reach all the corners. There are places where there is pure darkness and we must learn to accept it.

It is justified to hurt others if you did it for your happiness (I am not talking about Sadism here).


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